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  • 15 September 2020
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Hi Miro Team,

Rather than having a corporate use for Miro, my friends and I use it socially, for running Dungeons and Dragons games - it is the best tool I have ever used for this, and I’d love to upgrade to a paid account.  However, in this context, the step between the free account, and a Team Account subscription is very high.  Further to that, we mostly only require the free features - the only paid features that really appeal to me are:

 - being able to create more boards, as a friend wants to also start using Miro with his other gaming group.

 - maybe timer & voting, but its not actually necessary, it just looks fun.


As I’m sure you can understand, for no gain in features, it would be hard to convince my friends to each part with $10 per month.  Could there be a Miro Basics option, for say:

 - Up to 5 boards.

 - Maybe voting, timer, and the “to me” function?




1 reply

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Hi @David Knight. For starters, you can totally vote for your own idea, so go ahead and do that 😉

A free tips/tricks/considerations:

- One of you could take in the role of Miro Dungeon Master and sign up for a Consultant Plan at $15/month with your friends all kicking you back a few bucks. With this plan type, you could create unlimited boards and enable password protected public editing, so that a virtually unlimited number of friends could access them. And your friends could star the boards (clicking the Star to the right of the board name) and then they could find these boards easily from their Miro Free Plan dashboard by clicking on Starred.

- Because every Miro account profile gets a Free Plan team, each friend could add the others to their plan and you would each have three active boards, e.g., five friends = 15 boards. Note: Now you would all be able to at least view each other's boards as there are no private boards in the Free Plan.

Just some food for thought!