Emoji Narrowing

  • 25 February 2021
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It would great to be able to limit the emoji selection per board so that participants choose from a common pool.. This would allow us to setup a visual tag style vote with a smaller selection of options. For example in process mapping, participants would vote on each step in terms of the amount of waste in that step. Emoji’s can take that futhur by not only documenting the amount, but also the type of waste they are thinking about (assuming key provided).

1 reply

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I understand your need - I use in this case a bunch of my own preferred emojis and place it into a prepared frame, so my customers can use them and are not distracted by the endless possible choices they have. But:

For me the absolute opposite makes sense: I need to have more choice because I love the different kind of them.

Often I prefer the Iconfinder to have a much bigger choice …