Embed Notion Page → in MIRO

  • 27 January 2021
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We would like to embed a notion page within MIRO, much like how Google Docs are embeddable, and editable. 

For now, we would have to embed either a link which takes the user off the MIRO (and suffers from being not that high-bandwidth, i.e. its hard to know what the notion link is going to). OR, we can copy the data into MIRO. However, Notion’s tools for tables and some other content arrangement tools are quite nice, so it would be great if Notion → MIRO embedding was supported. 


2 replies

Here, one more soul dreaming with the day this Notion → Miro integration exists.

Similar to what Patrick is saying, it would be great to use Miro's amazing live collaboration experience to edit datasets from Notion. For example, 1) importing a Notion dataset into Miro as cards (which can be done); 2) dragging the cards with my team to form groups of cards; 3) having this grouping information reflected back into my database in Notion as tags.