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Story: As a presenter, I’d love to have a way to set opacity levels on content based on the zoom level, so I can better utilize the 3D presentation opportunity that Miro offers.

Problem: I love the ability to zoom in Miro. I’ve built many models that have “layers” in them that when I zoom in I am able to see (because the next layers are smaller than the ones at the zoomed out level). Unfortunately, when I zoom in to the “smaller” content it’s often still being viewed with the now “larger” content which can create clutter I don’t want. The opposite is true where zoomed out “larger” content is cluttered by “smaller” zoomed in content.

Solution: Since we can control opacity of any content, it would be nice to set opacity levels based on zoom levels. As an example, if I’m at <1% - 5% zoom, content A’s (larger) opacity is 100%, zoom = 5.1% - 10% then opacity = 50%. At the same time, content B’s (smaller) opacity is 5% at <1% - 5% zoom and then 20% at 5.1% - 10%.

Acceptance Criteria:

Given that I am editing content, when I select the opacity option, I can set opacity as dynamic based on zoom level.

Given that I have set dynamic opacity on a piece of content, when I zoom (in or out), then the content becomes more or less opaque based on the zoom level set.

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@Michael Moore ,

yes this would be great! I voted for it.

Sounds so good - I can exactly see what you’re talking about.

Hope that many of our community vote for this.


Was googling to see if this was possible. Great description and idea!

I would personally leverage this concept for story telling, framework articulation and documentation. Start with a high level view of something with minimal distractions because of “shielded” visualizations that opacity covers. Then zoom in on any given aspect of the higher level view to get more details that “appear” as you zoom in to learn more.


I’d love to see this happen!

This would be an amazing tool for presenting (It would also help support miro’s unique zoom in/out interface).

Must add this!!!

This is something I thought about after 3rd day of using Miro.
You can visually present things in a very nice way. Like on maps, when big text gets smaller and vanisher while you zoom in. 
 @Michael Moore Do you know if there are any plans on implementing this?