Distinguish between editing a board and administering it

  • 11 September 2020
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I think that the ability to edit a board should be distinct from administrative functions like inviting others to do so. As explained on Access Rights and Board Ownership,

Editors get full access to all the tools on the board. They can make changes to the content, delete or upload new files, edit access rights of other members and add new collaborators.

I want to allow collaborators (students) use all the tools on the board, but not have the ability to edit things about the board, like who participates. I imagine that would be true in other contexts too, but it is essential for a class.

I suggest either creating a new level of permissions between "commenter" and "editor" that can use tools but not edit other users access, or else at least allowing the board owner to decide whether the editors should have the ability to change other uses's permissions or not.

At present, I have to make all users commenters until the start of class, switch them to editors, and then hope nobody messes with anybody else’s permissions.

1 reply

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Agreed - similar point here - “while we are …