Delete text ONLY from multiple selection of elements

  • 4 November 2020
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Whether anyone had struggles while clearing text inside elements (e.g. sticky notes), with the upfront fear that there are more than 10-15-20-25 elements waiting in the line requiring the same process to repeat again and again?


To delete text from the element:

  1. Double-click element text
  2. Double-click element text
  3. Remove text
  4. Next element

or maybe for better oriented people:

  1. Double-click element
  2. ctrl+A
  3. Remove text
  4. Next element


What if ONLY text could be deleted from multiple selection of elements? Why not just select multiple elements, and select option to clear text only? Maybe even some shortcut to that? This could help people to reduce “continuous mechanical work” by repeating the same process dozens of time.

The only alternative to overcome “Delete & retype” is to use template (save, load), but again, nobody wants to create that so many templates just because they want to clear the text from multiple selection of elements.

I checked every Miro shortcuts & hotkeys, and there's no way to do it.

Not really sure if anyone saw the problem in this, but I'm sure many of you would like the shortcut.
Looking forward to discuss about this!

8 replies

Agreed, I was looking for a shortcut for this and it would be a massive time save


I am a trainer and this would be really handy



Something like a “Clear contents” shortcut or option from the menu would be great.


Use case:

  • Formatting, structure, number of items is correct.
  • Need to create a template or copy and paste to start a new version.
  • Copy everything but clear the contents.

Agreed! It would be awesome to do this. Big time saver.

+1! I make a lot of very dense flow charts that I need to re-purpose and deleting the text in each element by hand is very slow and frustrating. It would be great to have a ‘Clear text’ or similar on the drop down when selecting an appropriate group.


Right now the thing that feels fastest is multi-selecting each set of matching-color objects and bulk-changing the text color to be the same as the fill color so the objects *look* blank. Then when I come to edit the actual copy on each block I turn it back to black/visible. Even that is pretty slow, and obviously pretty silly. 

100%… also really useful for creating instances from templates and templates from instances.

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yes! a `clear all text` option would be helpful when building out template after learning from an activity!


I also endorse this. It helps a lot with creating templates.