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This feature very desperately needs to be added as soon as possible. I switched from another service for Miro, and the absence of this feature is extremely disappointing. 

Hey guys, Dark mode is a glaring omission. It shouldn’t take 500 people over a year to convince you.

It’s about time , Im right now working at midnight and the light theme just hurts my eyes alot … Light theme at night are brighter than the sun so if can get the dark mode in the coming updates it would be an eye saver!!

For those of you who can’t wait, there are dark mode browser extensions that do this very well.  Like Dark Reader with Firefox for example...


Dark mode is not just common sense for the eye strain and the power consumption, it’s an absolute requirement when one is using a BIG monitor, what we have these days.


For Miro, I use Dark Reader plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Thunderbird browsers.


But srsly ppl, being able to change the background color is even a simpler feature request… PLZ?

Why is Dark mode taking so long?.. this is ridiculous.. Its things like this that make us move over to Mural!

Please, we need it

After testing few platforms like this, mostly due to absent of dark mode we decided to go with different solution. It’s small feature but so important, and was bailed by Miro team. That’s just sad 😞 I could wait longer but there’s no updates, no ETA, nothing, so no, thanks…. But maybe I will test it again after some time and will be surprised, good luck Miro ;) 

I can’t tell you how awesome this would be. Using Miro in the evening is really rough on the eyes.

Will also be switching to another solution until this is added. Miro is the most feature-rich one but the lack of dark mode makes it really unpleasant to use it.

Yes for dark mode or some ability to change the BG color. Thank you