Custom value for session idle timeout

  • 11 January 2021
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In the security settings there are two options for the session idle timeout: 30 minutes, and infinite.

Unfortunately, both of these values are not satisfactory. 30 minutes is too short, it ends up annoying users. Not having a timeout at all is great for usability, but increases the risk of unauthorized access.


I would like to suggest a third option there, which is to require users to login just once a day. Or, alternatively, permit custom values in minutes / hours / days.

Thanks in advance.

6 replies

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In my experience @Tim van Wegberg in the past when Miro would time out, once the User Logged back in the Browser Tabs would re-open to the Boards last state.  Now, annoyingly the Tabs return to Dashboard.  I use Salesforce in the Office and the behavior of Session Timeout is how Miro use to have it implemented.  Did your Users complain before when Tabs would re-open to last state?

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Hi @Brandon Lee,

I wasn't aware of this past behavior as we've only tried this last November (and changed it back the same day).

In our case, users would be redirected to login page, then have to click for the SSO login page, manually enter their e-mail address again and then be directed to the Dashboard.

Indeed, a better implementation of the Session Timeout behavior as you describe would make a 30 minute timeout perfectly acceptable.


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I noticed @Tim van Wegberg if only One Miro Board is opened then when the Browser Tab will open to where you last left off in the Board.  When multiple Boards are opened they all return to the Dashboard.


I think this would be a very useful thing to have.


This would be a really helpful feature.


Being directed back to the Dashboard is just stupid. I’m in Miro for a fair chunk of the day across multiple boards, having a timeout and log back in with SSO and then rather being taken back to the board I was in and being forced to the Dashboard and then finding each board I was in, is a big failure on Miro’s part.


Not at all happy. :rage: