Create Custom Toolbar Panels from Web-plugins

  • 25 September 2021
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Would it be possible to have extension points to display “toolbar panels” like the ones that are displayed when selecting the Pen tool or Shape tool in the toolbar?

For now, miro.board.ui allows to display a library (.openLibrary) or a sidebar (.openLeftSidebar), but they are rather bulky for some simple use cases, and one cannot decide their size.

Having the possibility to open a “toolbar panel” (e.g. with a .openToolbarPanel) passing its height and width would be awesome -- e.g. miro.board.ui.openToolbarPanel(“my-toolbar-panel.html”, { width: “56px”, height: “418px” }) with appropriate width/height defaults if not passed, etc.

Moreover, there are two behaviors:

  1. The toolbar panel automatically closes when a button is clicked as is the case for Sticky note, Shape, Connection line, Frame, etc. tools.
  2. The toolbar panel doesn’t close even when a button is clicked and remains displayed until explicitly closed, e.g. with a close button, as is the case for for the Pen tool.

Maybe another parameter, or at least a default behavior that always require to close the toolbar panel (on any button click for behavior 1 or on a close button click for behavior 2) would be even more interesting.

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