Create a Miro app for the Oculus platform

  • 3 February 2021
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Create a Virtual Reality Miro app for the Oculus platform.

  • Miro boards could be the size of a physical / legacy whiteboard.
  • You could have multiple Miro boards open simultaneously.
  • You could work “in space” with other collaborators.
  • Using an Oculus controller you could replicate a stylus interface
  • Using an Oculus controller you could easily pick up, resize and move objects (such as sticky notes, shapes, images, etc).

3 replies

Hey Gregg great idea. After getting an oculus quest 2 a couple of days back then running a miro workshop it took no time at all want to use miro in VR. Having had the idea it’s hard to unthink it...

Other companies are offering workspaces with planning boards - not tried yet. 

Yep, same here. If I could use a Miro board in my VR Oculus Quest 2 headset and be able to interact with the post it notes through my Quest controllers, using a virtual pen or virtual keyboard to make the notes, I would be extremely interested in using this functionality internally in my company as well as with customers!

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this seems to be duplicate to an earlier idea. I suggest to merge the two so we can collect more votes and this way generate more visablity: