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  • 22 September 2021
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Using Figma and Figjam sometimes, I got addicted to their “Copy as PNG” feature:

  1. I select a few objects (frames, shapes, texts, components, anything...)
  2. Right click > Export > Copy as PNG (or cmd+maj+c)
  3. Then move to Jira, Confluence, Miro (!), cmd+V
  4. Boom, I have an image with transparent background added to them.

So easy and efficient.

In Miro:

  1. Create a frame for I need to be exported (not possible if what I need has several frames by the way)
  2. Export the frame as giant JPG
  3. Search for the file on my computer
  4. Move to the other app
  5. Manually add it where I need it to be…
  6. Delete tenth of useless jpg files after a few weeks :)

Or take a screenshot with a gray background as long as what I need to share is not too big.


Please Miro, have a “Copy as PNG” feature.

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