Copy + Paste of Elements should not reset authorship of element

  • 10 March 2021
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Experienced Behaviour

It seems that copy/pasting sticky-notes in a board resets the information of who created the note and who modified it to the user and time doing the copy/paste.

How could the behaviour be improved

The original authorship of an element should be preserved when copy/pasting it on the same board.

Why does it matter?

I realized this the hard way after suggesting to my collegues to just copy/paste sticky notes on a large board, since dragging them from one place to another was a bit tiresome. When you drag an item you are basically locked out of most of the navigation methods like frames, cursor-navigation and zooming out and in.

Original ownership of a sticky not is quite the valuable information, since it can be used to clarify stuff with the original author.

1 reply

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I actually meant cut and paste. Can’t edit enymore.