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  • 4 June 2020
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I understand that we can lock elements on the board to prevent them from moving/editing.

Sometimes I happen to have a locked background shape with unlocked shapes and texts on top of it. When I select this big element of content, copy it and then paste to a new location in the board, only the unlocked elements get pasted.

It’d be great to be able to copy everything selected, keeping the locked/unlocked status of the elements.

9 replies

Created couple of frames to support SAFe PI planning.

It really costs a lot of time to unclock, copy&paste, relock the frames with their content.

Can there be a solution near time ?

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One of the whole ideas of frames is to make it easier to create multiple instances.  Having to relock every item on a complex frame when you copy it really removes most of the value of the frame concept for use in classes!

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@MichelleF Thanks!  I did lock all at once and tried to click on an individual object.  


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@Stephen Chew You should be able to do this already. Users can duplicate locked objects, and then place the duplicate. You’ll have to lock each “sticker” individually instead of as a group if you want them to be able to duplicate one at at time. Try it out!

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Wanted to add another that requires ability to copy/paste (or duplicate) a locked object.  We have a list (group) of objects with text that we want participants to place on a larger object.  In a live conference room, it would be like giving them all a stack of custom stickers to be placed on a flip chart. 

My thought was to create the objects and have them “ctrl-d” to duplicate the “stickers” so they can place them.  I want to lock the objects so a participant doesn’t accidentally takes the “list” away.

Any other ideas on how to do this? 

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Agree with @Dave Kelly -- being able to copy a frame and keeping the locked things locked and the unlocked things unlocked would be really helpful in setting up a set of identical frames so that each small group or person has their own to work on. Did this get added to wish list?

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I would reclassify this as a defect “unable to copy/paste locked elements”.

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Same massive pain. A special select would be nice.

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Yeah, this is a massive pain.  I often want to duplicate frames within a board for use by different breakout groups and having to unlock/lock everything every time is really frustrating.