Control individual board permissions within a project

  • 27 August 2020
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It seems impossible to set different permissions for each board within a project, such that some project boards can be “view only”, some can be “editable”, and some have no access (i.e. are invisible when under construction by a board owner) for all project members.

Ideally this permission control would be available for only the owner of the board and/or team admin.  Currently there is global control (at the project level) for all boards within a project but that is a very blunt instrument.  Individual board control within a project would be very helpful, especially for educators like me (on the education plan), who must find ways to tightly control the virtual classroom environment.

Miro - please add functionality for permission controls at the board level within a project.  The help/guides seem to suggest this is possible, but experienced users in the Community (thanks @Rob Johnson!) have confirmed that this is not currently possible.

2 replies


Yes! Me and several colleagues (also educators) have been talking about this very thing! We want to restrict our different classes to their own sections, but only want them to be able to edit boards during class time.

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Hi @Celes Woodruff.  Thanks for supporting this request. 

I just received an email from the Miro folks confirming that they have changed the help language to reflect reality: “access rights to a specific board can be increased via the board's Share menu as the highest level of access granted (either at the Project level or the board level)”

I have replied asking for the opposite response from Miro - that the reality be changed to reflect the original help language!  In other words, allow both increases AND decreases at the board level (i.e. true control).  We shall see what comes of that…

In the meantime, please encourage your fellow educators currently using Miro to support this request.  It takes quite a few votes to elevate a “wish list” item to the point of action for the Miro development folks.

Cheers, Roger.