Comment reply email notifications - indicate a text of a previous comments (replied to)

  • 1 July 2021
  • 2 replies


Email notifications about new replies in comments show only a text of a newly added comment. It isn’t clear what’s the context. It requires user to click through each such email and drill down the board, its comment, and reply in it ==> time waste.  

SUGGESTION:  include a piece of a comment thread into a body of email notifications - so that context of a new reply becomes more clear.


Thanks for the great product!


2 replies


UPD: if you simply click a link in the email to navigate right to the email thread in Miro board - it doesn’t help, it never opens a thread but just opens a whole board instead, and in case if there’s a lot of comments (a typical case) it’s nearly impossible to locate the required thread quickly.


One more thought:  if text of previous comments isn’t too long, include more comments to email than just 1 previous one. This should give even more context about what’s the last comment (a reason of email notification) is about and if it’s time to step in  :)