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@Milosz Mista :

If you have read all of my MindMap-Posts you know that I am one of the harshest critic when it comes to Miros rudimentary MindMapping functionality BUT I tell you with all of my heart:

If someone uses Miro just like me and it’s whole deepest functions:
You cannot compete it with one other App / Software / Cloud Application

No other offers so much combined in a package … with only one exception: MindMapping.

Even if you compete it with Ayoa that was iMindMap before (they try to copy miro but they do not reach the simplicity combined with it’s complexity)
Miro lies miles ahead when it comes to digital whiteboard work even the same way like

Ayoa lies miles ahed when it comes to MindMapping …

So: As long as it is this way we the users have to live with a 2-Software based solution … But I hope one day the wait is over … then we will get a combination of 2 worlds in one soulution: Miro!
Believe me … one day …






I agree with the need of collapsing/expanding nodes. The interest of MindMap is to give an exhaustive / Huge map about a theme, But with the possibility to compact a part of the map during edition. One big advantage is the “multiple node” search tools. Just now missing expand & collapse ;)

Best regards

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You are one of the mos expensive mindmap tools in the entire world. How can you miss such a basic functionality as the "collapse nodes" one? It is simply essential do deal with more complex mindmaps!

Looking forward to this, since I'm really interesting in buying the "Team Plan".


First: Miro wasn’t and hasn’t the intend to be a MindMapping App - It startet as a collaboration tool Realtimeboard and has a rudimentary MindMapping function inside of it.

This hasn’t changed till now - Its better than it was before but in comparision to all other longer existing MindMapping tools its like comparing WordPad with MS Word: You can’t create a serial-letter out of Wordpad … and whoever had worked with MindManager or iMindMap or XMind knows miro cannot offer the same

But: It offers other tools - so the choice is here to make:
Use it - or ... use other tools.

I decided this sunday to create a special document with my old iMindMap version because I come to a faster more timesaving process as if I would create this in Miro - although it hurts deep inside :cry: to do so … but I need a faster, timesaving :date::chart_with_upwards_trend: result - and this is everything thats counts for this document …


Guys, this is really disappointing. Mind maps without the ability to collapse nodes are difficult to manage.
I'm using another tool for Mind Mapping. This is frustrating.

For sure will pay  if miro have this function 

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The complexity of getting all these MIRO elements to move around in a graceful way may be really inflating the scope of this feature. Imagine having entire boards stuffed into nodes that then need to collapse, and resolve display conflicts between each other. 

Maybe as a start just getting a text mind-mapping element that can’t take anything but text, kind of like a sticky note, and let us collapse that - just text trees?


To be honest I have enough waiting for it... 
I will search for some alternative tool. :( 

Very surprised about that missing feature!

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Agree...I've seen some people at my Company using other tools just because of that

We need this. I’m another user very surprised not to have this feature on the tool. Another one:

  • Why all the mindmap need to have the same font size? Let it be changed, at least, to all fonts on the same level.
  • Export/Import from other mindmap is another must

To me, this is the most glaring of the missing features on MIRO right now.  This app keeps getting better and works seamlessly, but that one missing feature is really holding us back from going all-in.  


Hey, thanks for your feedback! In fact, it’s very timely –  we’re researching how we can improve mind map right now :) 

“10 months ago”… come on :(

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@Farkas Imre :

A very good idea!

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I started a campaign on Linkedin to upvote this feature. See below. If you like/comment on it, more people will see it and we will have more chance to get this to the top of the list, and then HOPEFULLY get this delivered!


Great! Though I’m not using Miro anymore right now because of such limitations: I don’t trust to create a big Mind Map in the hope that basic features will be added...sooner or later…

Still monitoring the App anyway: Miro has lot to offer.

This is critical for big maps!

In the meantime, you can use this jewel:

You can use it from vscode so all your maps are plain text which mean that you can version them in git.




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@Viet Anh : 100% agree!!

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There is a taskade. Able to turn.
But there have its own problems - the rolled tasks seem to disappear from the system.

Yes! Really important feature.


I would also add collapsible blocks.

You can have text block with title and text body.

You can collapse it and have only title visible.

You can expand it ans see content. Like accordion blocks on websites.

I’m paying and using two software because mindmap is crucial to my work (necessarily with the folded/unfolded option). If Miro add folded/unfolded option, I don’t need any other software.

I think a lot of people are skipping Miro because of the lack of this possibility.


Please take a closer look


Agree with previous requesters. It’s really helpful when you can eliminate unnecessary details and work at the required level of details. Do you have any updates on potential release dates? It’s been a while since you started researching the options.

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Maybe as a start just getting a text mind-mapping element that can’t take anything but text, kind of like a sticky note, and let us collapse that - just text trees?

@hubecube_ :

This could really be the first step into a right direction :thumbsup:


Yes, we’re both ‘beginners’ but I’m a consultant with clients I wanted to connect to MIRO. I really do love the company & app but I can’t reco MIRO and put my reputation on the line when it’s missing such basic functionality. Seems they are so focused on. ‘collaboration’ that they overlook the user. I’m guessing they do read these posts. Wonder if it has any impact on Prod. Mkt/Dev Team? 

Dear God let this be my Big Problem today!!! ha ha

I’ll cancel our supscription because of this feature. It’s a very common feature in all mindmaps . I dissapointed !

I am here for the same reason.
I used to put everything in MindNode and tried in Miro… I am really (badly) surprised that the collapse feature is not there… 👀

Come on Miro ! 💪