Collaborate mode for shared boards (limiting edit functionality)

  • 12 April 2021
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When I’m facilitating a workshop with first time Miro users I’m currently only giving people comment access to a board rather than edit access. To run the equivalent of post it noting activities, which is most of what I do with non-design, business folks, I get people to comment on the board and then have a co-facilitator copy these into post its to they can be viewed.

This is because, in these types of workshops, it’s in no one’s interest to have access to icon libraries and shape tools, frames, templates and so on. At worst I’m going to have participants go rogue and play around with other tools which disrupts the activity, at best I’m going to have some participants who are put off by the complexity of the interface. At very very best I’m going to have random arrows everywhere as people unwittingly click on the blue dots around a post it note.

I’m proposing a middle ground between ‘comment’ and ‘edit’ access - ‘collaborate’ mode. Ideally as the board creator I would get to choose what functionality I allowed for participants in any given session. The minimum feature though would be post it notes and commenting only.

Simple interface with only the tools people will use = less confused participants/ quicker onboarding into Miro for first timers = more effective workshops.

Interested to hear if anyone else has this issue of edit functionality being way over the top for the equivalent of a standard post-it noting workshop with non-designers?

Thanks :)

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