Choose which boards to receive 'New Highlight' email notifications for

  • 22 March 2021
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Currently, as a Miro user I receive daily Highlight notifications by e-mail for all boards I created or that were shared with me. Those emails contain the list of changes on the board.


The problem is that some boards are shared for information only, and are not necessarily relevant for me. I therefore do not need to receive notifications every time they are modified. However I still want to receive those notifications for boards that are relevant to me.


The proposal is therefore to have the ability to choose which boards to receive the notifications for, and which boards not. This could be an option at board level (eg “Follow all changes”, similar to the “Follow all threads” option), or alternatively a list somewhere in the profile settings where individual boards can be unchecked.

1 reply

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Hi @Tibo 

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Hmmm.. The custom notification settingsoption will be really great! 

You can also check out this docs