Better Support for Real-Time Text/Note-Taking

  • 17 September 2020
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I love using Miro for collaboration, but one thing that is not so easy to do is collaborative note-taking, similar to how Google Docs works.

For example, I am working with my team, and I’d like to take notes and have others see what I’m typing as I enter the text. Miro does not seem to support this now. For example, if I am editing a Text Field, others cannot see what I am typing as I enter the text. And actually, they cannot see what I’ve entered until I select somewhere else on the Miro Board, releasing my focus on the Text Field that I was in. Further, only one person can edit a Text Field at a time.

I tried using a Google Docs add-in, but this didn’t really address the fundamental issue of collaborative note-taking within a Miro board. What we really need is an enhanced Text Entry Field where at a minimum, collaborators can at least view real-time what others are type. Ideally, multiple people could edit the same text field at the same time.

Additional features would be to allow the user fix the size of the Text Field so that it is scrollable, to increase the number of characters allowed in a text field (it seems to be limited now, and you don’t know it until you click off of the text field), and perhaps to allow markdown in the text field. However Markdown may be difficult because it would look different in edit vs view mode.

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