Better Jira/Miro workflow for story maps

  • 16 July 2021
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I recently created a story map, and wanted to convert the cards in the map to Jira issues. This was a painstaking process where I had to convert each card individually. There are workflow improvements I’d like to suggest:

  1. Remember the fields that I used in previous cards. If I select a card and convert it to a story, there’s a good chance that I’ll be converting the next one to a story, and the next, etc. I don’t want to have to tell the interface “no, it’s not an epic, it’s a story” 30 times. Same thing with other fields like priority - I’ll likely be setting these at the same priority as the previous story. At the very least, default to medium rather than highest.
  2. Allow me to bulk convert cards to stories. Descriptions get picked up from the card, so I don’t need to edit those. I could have converted a whole story map in one shot and saved myself 20 minutes of repetitive clicking.
  3. There’s a clear hierarchy between Epics, Stories, and Tasks. Let me convert my whole board into an epic, or a release into an epic, and then make the children of that into stories in that epic. 

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