Better conversion of multiple cards to Jira

  • 13 January 2022
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When I’ve created a story map (using the story map template) I need to get the cards into Jira. Often the fields I select are exactly the same, but this is currently painful as I need to click on every field to set them. Some ideas that would make this easier:

  • Best - Bulk convert, with the ability to set the relevant fields. It would need to be selective (and not just the entire story map)
  • Next best - remember the last settings of the last card (like Jira does in the “add another” check box) so at least I don’t have to fill out the same form multiple times and can just click convert
  • Other - Ability to navigate fully with the keyboard. Having to click and type lows me down, if I could do it all with the keyboard (which I can’t if, say, I want to change the reporter as I can’t select from the drops downs) it would be a bit more bearable

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