Better Admin Controls

  • 28 July 2020
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As the company admin I want to be able to access any board created by a team member and manage access rights on that board. 

It sometimes happens that someone prepares a board for a workshop but then doesn’t give the appropriate access to others - or they get sick and someone else needs to take over. 

Currently there is no way for me to do this without asking the current board owner to change access rights. Duplicating the board is sometimes a workaround but not if we’ve already sent out board links to participants. 

5 replies

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entirely sensible

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Use case: As the admin of an Education Plan, a Team Admin (teacher) may want to block board or project create access for students, to avoid 100s of boards from being created. (If this is already possible, please let me know!)

This is also a backup issue … as Team Admin who does not actually ever create or edit boards, I also can’t perform a backup.  There really should be a ‘superadmin’ who has access to EVERYTHING, so, in corporate environment like mine, you can have IT or administrative staff member who manages backup/restore, permissions, onboarding of new members, offboarding of staff leaving the company and reassignment of their boards, and such.

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As a Company Admin of a Consultant Plan, I want to ability to see and modify and board’s public sharing settings.

We sign legal contracts with our (global financial services) clients in which we warrant that we will keep our clients’ content secure. The idea that any team member can make our clients’ content available to anyone on the internet who has the link and that as a “company admin” I can’t prevent that and worse am not even notified is frankly frightening!