Be able to select and move/reorder multiple frames in the frames content list at once.

  • 26 May 2020
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When importing a template to a board, Miro adds the frames to the beginning of the frames list not the end, which seems odd. This means when importing a 20 frame template into a 30 frame board, you have to manually move 20 frames individually to the end of the frame order list. This is a very laborious and time consuming.

The ability to shift click frames in the list and drag them all at once would be much better. 

6 replies

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Yes, this would be a huge helping. The ability to select multiple frames at once and re-order them. I’m finding it tedious to drag multiple frames to various points. 

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Oh yes ! please moving frames like in note it’s great !

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Agree. This would also accelerate exporting if you could ‘shift + select’ multiple frames at once in the frame list then choose export via right click for the entire selection, rather than having to manually select them one at a time in the main window.


yes please! working in boards with hundreds of frames makes for a very tedious ordering, especially in an organic evolution of the workspace. this would be a huge time saver. 

So glad to read there is more people out there with the same experience.. :)
Seeing the last post is about threee month old, is there any solutions to this yet ?

Would be of huge help :) Cheers