Be able to select and move/reorder multiple frames in the frames content list at once.

  • 26 May 2020
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When importing a template to a board, Miro adds the frames to the beginning of the frames list not the end, which seems odd. This means when importing a 20 frame template into a 30 frame board, you have to manually move 20 frames individually to the end of the frame order list. This is a very laborious and time consuming.

The ability to shift click frames in the list and drag them all at once would be much better. 

9 replies

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Yes, this would be a huge helping. The ability to select multiple frames at once and re-order them. I’m finding it tedious to drag multiple frames to various points. 

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Oh yes ! please moving frames like in note it’s great !

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Agree. This would also accelerate exporting if you could ‘shift + select’ multiple frames at once in the frame list then choose export via right click for the entire selection, rather than having to manually select them one at a time in the main window.


yes please! working in boards with hundreds of frames makes for a very tedious ordering, especially in an organic evolution of the workspace. this would be a huge time saver. 

So glad to read there is more people out there with the same experience.. :)
Seeing the last post is about threee month old, is there any solutions to this yet ?

Would be of huge help :) Cheers



Yes. I agree! This would not solve frame-order issues in templates since the frame toggle is hidden in template editing mode.

This is clearly a deal breaker for presenting and organizing a presentation - I’ve been spending way too long on trying to figure this out and once again I am reverting to Keynote. 

Just to echo what everyone here has said in the hope it gets added to a roadmap - being able to do something like multi-select frames from the sidebar when in list-view, and then reorder them in bulk would be incredible useful.

Miro is great to work with but if you want to use it for presentations and decide to reorder how you’re going to present then it’s a bit of a nightmare. Say you have 20 frames that need moving further up the list, doing this one at a time is very tedious especially when a board has grown to 100+ ‘frames’ over time.