Background music in collaborative sessions

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When in brainstorming mode, people tend to be very quiet, it would be great if we can trigger music the same way we use the timer.

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I totally agree...I am still tying to add some music during workhops but it is not possible in a shared way.,.. It would be very appreciated as a feature!

I love this idea. We’ve had the same experience with quiet brainstorms. It’s much harder to keep the energy level high in a virtual workshop. Music would be a big help!

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Would love to be able to have audio files play during presentation mode or for particular frames. IE create a soundtrack that goes with a particular board. Enhance the experience of exploring, collaborating, presenting

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Hi all!

For a music teacher using Miro for every class, it would be a huge help if there were a way for students to listen to music while still editing the board. They can do this right now by switching to the external source, but it’s an extra time cost and impractical for working with multiple short examples.

It would be wonderful if it were possible to stream an embedded YouTube video or SoundCloud song in the background while still being able to interact with other objects on the board. 

Would love this as well!

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This is a great idea! I would love to be able to play ambient “thinking music” while workshop participants did quiet work. 

Not sure if this could be done with a Spotify plugin or something like that?

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When I’m teaching classes, the learners might access the board in advance of the class start time and it would be great to have some “mood music” playing to get them in the right mindset or energy-level for the class.


Upvote! We have been trialing shared radio or audio sharing through meeting tools, but its all suboptimal. It would be fantastic to play music during ideation sessions!

upvote! I totally think that it would be a useful feature for school presentation and many other projects!

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To implement the wish is not as simple as it seems because of copyright and the question:

Who might be responsible if something like this happens:

So miro and we ourselfs have to think about:

If this feature is available and if my miro meeting gets recorded and I deliver it  to a group do I have to pay for the music thats in the background.

Some lawyers have to think about this and maybe miro has to think about it:

If we make this possible: Are we responsible or do we have to put a hint somwhere before the wishlist-song is been played: That you now make clear: Yes, I am the owner or this song / or I have a rigth to play it.

Maybe this is an hint for corporations with different streaming services like Spotify / Amazon music or Apple or a roalty-free-music-streaming service- This would be a great addition!


@mlanders  - like your Motto.   Cooperation seems to be the theme this year so why not. Additionally, would it be possible to integrate a Royaltee free music site and expand the options. Googling I found this one: where you can both access free music & purchase ones that are not free. I guess for starters - expanding the current selection of music would be nice.