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Similar to creating a Comment and “attaching” (or binding?) it to a Card, I want to be able to attach an image or icon to a card.

Use cases:

  • Our team uses Bitmoji icons in our boards and want to attach the icon(s) of who is working on the item - there can be more than one person, e.g., someone mobbing or shadowing the work.
  • We add the icon of a vendor we are working on and want it on the card.
  • I create a new card and want to draw attention to it, so I add a big “NEW” icon and want to attach it to the card.

I know I could Group the Card and icon, but when in Grouping mode, the user can not single-click the card to get the option menu (color, assignee, insert link, due date, etc.).

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Sadly, I cannot group an icon and a card while the card is inside of a Kanban framework - I have to drag the card out, group the two, and drag the card back into the Kanban frame… at which point the icon/image/sticky I grouped with the card moved below the card - it is still grouped, which is good, but it is no longer where I put/grouped it to.

I’ll take this brief moment to say: I’m LOVIN’ Miro ever since I first discovered it in March 2018. After years of promoting it to a good 75-100 people across our organization of 1000s, my team is getting a license this week!

Thank you for sharing your idea, Robert!

And thank you for these kind words :blue_heart:  I will definitely share your feedback with the Miro team. It’s great that your team is joining Miro :rocket:

Adding my vote to this, it’s really causing frustration for our team right now. We add avatar images to Miro cards (or Jira-bound ones) within a kanban framework to indicate person, blocked status, urgency etc, but things get messed up when the underlying kanban layout changes when other cards move around.

We’ve experimented with drawing connecting lines between the card and image so we at least know what belongs with what when things move, but the constant tidying up is fast becoming more hassle than using Miro is worth :-(

Any suggestions gratefully received, or at least a nudge up the request queue for grouped or connected objects sticking together when in a kanban framework


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Same here. We like to embed design images within our software development tasks to provide more context for the developer. It would be awesome to be able to embed files directly or even through a figma link to our cards. :grinning:

Oh yeah, and support for markdown too :wink:

Miro is the tool that I’ve been searching for a long time. Perfect for an agency like ours where projects can differ a lot of the time.

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It would be awesome to be able to embed files directly or even through a figma link to our cards.


Agree - ability to add more robust content within a card would be a game-changer for using it as a project management tool.

The people in this thread sound like they have the same problem that I have: whenever “auto layout” is turned for a frame, whenever “carefully crafted and grouped objects” enter an auto layout area, the auto layout breaks the objects apart and lays them out, causing the pics/icons to leave their grouping on stickies etc.  



Take your poor broken objects out of said frame, fix them up. Then click on the offending frame, switch the layout to “free form” rather than auto layout.  Now you can put your annotated stickies back in the frame and not have them “blown up” by auto layout. 

Same here: if one could add images to kanban cards that would be a game changer for project management!

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This is one of my team’s blockers from using the Kanban board. We often add an Icon onto a card, but even if they’re grouped, when I move the card into a Kanban column, they separate and the icon throws itself somewhere else. 

I would absolutely love to be able to keep an icon that is grouped onto a card, on the card when it’s added to the Kanban board.

Looks like the only way to achieve the requirement of the original question (and a requirement that any Agile team would have BTW) is to pay for every single name/person we would like to display on a board and use the “assign” feature of a card.


Is there a way to include free users on a board? They would never actually access the board, we just need then to appear in the “assign” field.

It seems many people have the same issue. I would need to add a picture to a task or above it and stick it so it won’t be moved.

I'm really, really looking forward to this feature. I can't use Kanban without it.

The ability to add an attachment to a card would make my life so much easier. 


Adding an image would also mean people can have some visaul reference as to what the content of the card is.


Additionally, you could also make cards a little more “Trello” like by adding in comments and checklists etc