API call to backup/export board

  • 8 October 2020
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There is a feature in the web gui that I would like to see a REST endpoint for: the ability to export an entire board.

This would help in the current cases where boards or board activity are deleted and your support staff is unable to spend the time to recover the lost data for customers.

With a REST endpoint, I can script a nightly backup of our boards and then if something happens can simply restore it myself.

This functionality exists in the web gui already so hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard to expose that existing endpoint.


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2 replies


Tim, I agree with you. I know not everyone has the ability to custom code a backup tool, but for those of us that can, it would be super helpful for us to backup all of our boards nightly or weekly to our own system. 


I’d like to have this feature as well :-) It would be great to be able to pull regular (e.g. nightly) board exports / backups via the REST API in a Cron Job or similar.