Analytics on Anonymous Guest Editor activity

  • 22 February 2021
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We create pre-session material on a Miro board several days in advance of a work session. These users are invited as Anonymous Guest Editors, and we typically have them complete a few activities to learn Miro and set them up for success.


While activity logs if a user actually edits a board or object, it doesn’t seem to log if they simply accessed the board, and say viewed its contents and then left.


It would be very helpful to have analytics on user’s activity (described above) so that we can know who is visiting the pre-session material and dropping off.

Yes we can tell if they have completed an activity, however the insights would be valuable to see who is clicking-thru the email invite and dropping off, as opposed to not having visited the material at all.

1 reply

Agreed, this feature would be very helpful. We ran a public meeting and the client would like a report on how many individual users accessed the public board.