Allow to reset the board link to reuse a board for another group (like with Mural)

  • 10 April 2021
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This would be helpful in all scenario that

  1. require different groups of people work (in sequences) on the same board and 
  2. shall prevent early groups to a.) alter their original results later and/or b.) see, what later groups add to / do on the board 

Right now, I have only the original link created to share access to the board to anonymous users. There is no way to differentiate rights between different populations accessing the same link. Creating teams / adding team members might solve this, but that would eliminate anonymity and would require paid members.

Allowing to reset the link (like e.g. Mural does) would solve this problem: I could simply use the new link to grant access to the board. Saving the original would allow for a copy to the original participants.  

1 reply

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Another valuable application of this feature: When a person leaves the team, I currently cannot remove access to board for this person only, as a change in link permissions applies to ALL people using the link… 

Resetting the link and sharing again with the updated population who shall have access looks like the only option to me. Please consider adding this behavior.