Allow the creator of a vote to see who hasn't voted yet...

  • 17 April 2020
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It would be really good if you’re able to see who has and hasn't voted so you can nudge individuals to ‘get a move on’. It feels frustrating not knowing who's getting involved...

2 replies

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@James Ashworth - while the voting plug-in does automate the process, I prefer to use dot voting for most decision-making scenarios. With that, using different colored dots for different participants, you will immediately know who has/hasn’t voted.

Of course, this does lose the anonymous capability of the voting plug-in but if that isn’t a “must have” for your use case, this might be an alternative…


This is a great suggestion. As a workshop facilitator, I do give participants a certain time limit to vote, say three minutes, but it would be great to see whether everyone is done after, say, 1 minute. This way I could close the voting session earlier and save valuable workshop time. Right now, I have to ask on the audio channel whether anyone needs more time.