Allow multiple owners for the same Miro board

  • 25 November 2020
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It’s really restrictive that only the board owner is able to download a backup. 

Could you look at either of the following options:

  • the Miro administrator is able to backup any board
  • a board owner is able to add other users to be an owner (i.e. a board can then have more than 1 owner). 

We have a team member on extended leave and are unable to backup some boards in their absence. Also concerned about what happens if someone leaves the organisation. 

13 replies

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Our scenario is, that we are two teachers preparing and running together a course for an entire day. It is cumbersome that only one of us can be the board owner (e.g. hiding frames, making backups etc.). We would appreciate if there could be multiple board owners (or more generic: if multiple users can have the rights that are currently limited to the (single) board owner role).

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@Kylie Schostakowski / @PatrickSt - As a workaround, and if the Board Content Settings are set to accommodate it, team members should be able to Duplicate the board and then make a backup of the duplicate.



So we work with the consultant plans and sometimes a board is created ready by one consultant and another consultant uses the board later in his assignment. Unfortunately, the creating consultant is the OWNER, so hidden frames cannot be shown. 

It would also be important that there are not only several owners, but also the team or company administrator really has all the rights, that is, also to change this master data or with the right as an admin can also change everything on the boards.

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Please enable the functionality to allow the Board owner to assign multiply board owner/admins. 

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Hi Maryam,
thank you for voicing your request. 
Could you describe how would this ability help you with a problem you want to solve?


Hi Timm,

this feature would be really helpful for me, too.


Currently we are using Miro for our trainings. In each Training we have at lest 2 Trainer.

At the beginning of our training we want to “hide” all frames, so that we will have the focus during the training and the participants will only see already discussed frames.


Unfortunately sometimes we have connection issues or a trainer can not maintain the complete time the training.

Therefore it would be nice if we can assign at least two members as owner so that they can “unhide / hide” the frames and is not depend on a specific trainer


Thanks a lot


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Hi @Mario Romer!
Thank you for sharing your scenario with me. I see how having several people that can hide/reveal frames could make your life easier. Would you expect these people to also be able to delete your board or to remove your access to it? 

Hi @Timm Shrago ,


good point. For the explained scenario it is not necessary that these people be able to delete the board or remove your access to it. Just the focus on hide/reveal frames.



For us this feature would also be very helpful. It is never good thing if only one person can do something (we invest a lot in continuity planning). In many cases we have a pair or a small group doing facilitation to events and also in teams we can have the team leader and a substitute person. It would be highly beneficial if we could assign more than one board owner or if there would be a role we can assign that can: lock elements and unlock elements, hide and reveal frames, share board etc.

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This feature would be of great help in my organization as well, since different users often work on the same board and during sessions with clients we need more than one users able to hide-unhide contents.



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Hi Miro,

I’d like to back up this request for multiple board owners.

Very concrete example of an issue with this: we are running a hackathon and are moderating different break-out sessions with different facilitators on one Miro board. Unfortunately there is only one moderator who can hide/reveal boards, so this feature cannot be used in the different sessions.

Also, we noticed that when someone leaves the company and elements of the board are still hidden they are hidden forever.

As I understand this feature of multiple board owners is available in Mural and heavily used by some of the people we talk to. In any case, we’d rather not, but this might be enough of a reason to switch to Mural.

Thanks, Tommy

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Hi Miro,

I also experience the need for a facilitator/moderator mode in addition to the board owner role.

Providing the option to hide and unhide frames. In addition it would be great if you can than create groups per owner and facilitator making it easy to bring everyone to you as facilitator that is part of your group towards a certain section on the Miro board. 




Hi, Miro

I’m voting also for having the possibility of having more than one owner or at least the possibility of transfer the ownership of a board.

We are a team of Agile Coaches and there are multiple boards shared among us that we reused on our recurrent meetings.

We usually need to hide/unhide frames.

We have also the need to transfer the ownership of some of the team’s boards we are coaching, because we do some reorganizations from time to time.

Thank you!