allow corner radius to be configurable for round-corner-rectangle shape

  • 24 June 2020
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since the radius is fixed, at larger sizes it becomes too pronounced for my taste.

in other tools the radius can be modified (e.g. lucid),

i think it would be a great enhancement for the product :)

2 replies

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a couple of more details that would help explain the impact of this:

(1) at default size the round-corner shape looks fine, but when enlarged, the corner scales proportionately and it ends up being too pronounced at larger sizes. one side effect of this is that text aligned to a corner (e.g. top/left) actually touches the border.

(2) when nesting this shape at different sizes the scaled border radius doesn’t look quite right

here is an example:

and here is an example of something i did in lucid:


Agree with this - as Miro becomes more how we communicate, I need to have the flexibility of a presentation tool.