AI Miro Assistant - Automatic Clustering

  • 3 September 2021
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This would be a killer feature, that could potentially save us a lot of time.

The idea here is to use advanced artificial intelligence / machine learning to automatically group sticky notes into suggested clusters.


Use Case

During a workshop, it's time for each of the 10 participants post ideas or problems on the board. 10 min later we have 80 sticky notes on the board. Now the facilitator wants to help the group to organize it, group duplicates, create clusters, so everyone can better understand it.

Option #1 - The whole group spends a lot of time reading, discussing, trying to find out duplicates… Everyone is remote, so having that conversation is messy.

Option #2 - The facilitator or a co-facilitator tries to help the team and starts to read and understand all the notes. Then group duplicates and creates clusters. Very time consuming!


Using Miro AI Assistant

Facilitator selects all 80 sticky notes
On the AI Assistant Toolbar, clicks on "Group Duplicates"
On the AI Assistant Toolbar, clicks on "Clusterize"

Booom….The assistant add sticky notes naming categories/themes and moves sticky notes accordingly. Shapes are grouped and that's it! A lot of time and effort saved!



I just found there is a Clusterizer plugin, but it groups the sticky notes based on their tags, not on the actual text. So, still needs the users to read and tag each of the stickies.

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