Additional shapes and more shape flexibility

  • 2 April 2020
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It would be great to have more predefined shapes in the shape list. While most are there, the ability to add and adjust more shapes would be great. For example, I would like to add a trapezoid to my board. But the trapezoid available can only be adjusted in length and width. I would like to be able to alter the angle of the sides as well. Other additions of triangles, lines, arrows, cubes, pentagons, octagons etc would be very useful. 

Allowing users to adjust those shapes in other ways then just length and wide could be very useful. I find myself moving over to powerpoint to create visuals that I have to then move over to Miro to share with my team. 

5 replies

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Hi Alex,

very good idea and I’m with you.

Have you checked the iconfinder or nounproject library there are thousands and thousands of symbols inside.

The only thing that is not good in this workaround:
Your text is not created automaticly iside of it.

Therfore I prefer the shape solution that you go with.

In additon to this i’d like to see a bit more:

So with a rightmouseclick everyone has his own created shapes that can be used.


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I think your suggestion would be a great addition as well!


I gave the iconfinder a look and didn’t come across anything that helps me in my specific situation. Can you point me to the nounproject library? I haven’t heard of this before. 

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Hi Alex,

you can find it under the APPs Marketplace.

Just scroll and you’ll find this symbol.

After you installed it you’ll find it here:


Does the noun project still go by the same name? I’m not seeing it in the list either, even when I search

Hello community

I stumbled in here because i‘m searching sw solutions & tools for displaying various issues.

So I have some questions, about custom shapes.

Q1: It is possible to cut a circle (or any shape) into two pieces ? I would need it to cut off different segments of a circle and afterwards combining or grouping these parts of circles.

Q2: Is it possible to assign a card an individual shape ?

(Q3: no next questions dont fit in here (i open a different theme, it is about input from databases)