Adding images to the node.

  • 3 January 2021
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Some mind mapping tools like Ayoa are so powerful. You can add images directly to the main node or children. In Miro, we can't add images to nodes directly. We can just add them to the board and it is not useful. Because of that, we can not align pictures together with nodes by your perfect align button. We have to re-arrange the images again and again. Please add this feature to your perfect app. Thanks in advance.


5 replies

Have to agree. This is one thing am struggling with and losing productivty at.

ditto and still really want import and export mind maps………  iThoughts etc. 

Agree. I’m a long-time mind mapper and consider this feature to be a mind mapping fundamental. The current implementation (or lack thereof) really impacts user workflow, which in general is nicely streamlined in Miro. I saw elsewhere this feature is on the roadmap. When can we expect it to drop?!

This would greatly facilitate my data collection for study

This feature would help to visualise ideations.