Add voting results as a smart filter.

  • 20 August 2020
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Since voting results became visilbe to all participants, I am happy to start stop using the dot-voting practice that is such a hazzle. Really excited with the new voting. 

And so new ideas pop up. 

I work quite often with quite large groups of people, 50+ participants. And we often end up voting on a large volume of notes. It would be cool if I could select the whole set of notes that people have voted on and then filter them on votes, this way I could quickly sort the notes that got 5 points, and then 4 points, 3, 2 and so on. 

They way I do it today is that I log in on the board with two tabs in my browser, look at the results overlay on one, and move the notes in the other - works relatively well. 

2 replies

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Hey @Johan I am happy you’re already using Voting results on the board.
And a few questions about your use-case: why do you need to filter options with votes, what do you do with the results?

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👋 Kate! I want to sort large numbers of notes. I sort them like a pyramid, to quickly go into an insightful  discussion