Add some image manipulation features

  • 13 August 2020
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When inserting/pasting images, there are currently no modifications of such objects possible, besides resizing them (with locked AR as stated here).

I wish Miro would allow to modify an inserted image’s…

  • Border
    (add border, set border color, change border thickness)
  • Opacity
  • Cropping → just realised this has been added recently!  :tada:


6 replies


I can’t imagine these capabilities haven’t been added yet!

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Opacity for sure!!

Would love to see some basic brightness/contrast adjustments as we are often uploading images of paper taken with phones.

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@Marianne & @OliverR & @Mariam Melkumyan & @Ben Zittlau & @Ezra Schwartz & @Ryan Wagner & @DCin 

I have added a board where I placed everything that I need …

just add your ideas if I had forgotten something:




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Please delete this

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Please delete this