Add "repeat action" by shortcut feature

  • 27 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

As I switched from PPt to moro recelntly, I am very much missing some simple features that I used there.

One would be the “repeat action” shortcut by pression CTRL+Y. E.g. to repeat a grouping action without having to klick on “group” again or aligning objects without the menu/buttons.

Thanks a lot!

4 replies

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@Sarah Gelb-Wiegand - If by "grouping" you are referring to the Grouping feature, Ctrl/Cmd+G is the shortcut for this.

More shortcuts here:

Tio: You can create another of the last created object by double-clicking on a blank spot on the board. And if you haven't created an object yet during that board session, double-clicking creates a Sticky Note.



@Robert Johnson - thanks for your reply!

Yes, I know how grouping can be done by shortcuts, but a repeat function would not just limit to this feature, but to everything you did as a last action, like aligning etc. 
With such a feature, people don’t meed to memoriza all shortcuts, but can just execute one action, like making text bold with the controls and then repeat by ctrl+y. Also, for peoplöe with small hands (like me ;-)), the Y key is much easier to press in combination with CTRL, than for example the B or G keys. 

I would love this also. For any “latest applied action” - such as selectively coloring some text red, then CTL+Y would apply red color to other text after selected. Or changing a table cell’s background color, then CTL+Y would do that on other selected cells after that.

(Just tried doing this, since it works in many (esp. MS) Windows apps, but sadness. Would love to have it work.)


@Eric Wilson 
Yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about!