Add option to prevent the iPad from going to sleep

  • 14 October 2021
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I use the Miro app on the iPad in the classroom to teach Engineering Mechanics. The iPad is connected to a projector. Students can either look at the projection screen or have the board open on their own devices at the same time. So far the experience has been excellent.

One thing is annoying, though: Sometimes when I explain something to my students on the projection screen or when they are trying to solve an exercise on their own, the iPad goes to sleep, while the Miro app is open. I then have to go back to the iPad and unlock it, to show the board again. Depending on the memory pressure on the device, it looks like the Miro app has to reload the whole board. This is very disruptive.


I would like to have an option that can be toggled, where the user can select to prevent the iPad from going to sleep.

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