Add image to story board card description

  • 10 May 2021
  • 3 replies

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As a Product Owner, I would like to add an image to a story board card to assist the understanding of the  story/acceptance tests by the development team. 

3 replies

Agree, attaching an image to a card’s description is a basic function that would be useful to me.

I really need to add a screenshot into cards to illustrate usability issues for each ‘story card’ for roadmapping/planning.

The workaround is tough for this. I just want to drop an image into the description area of a card so that my team can quickly see the issue I’m communicating about. 


I’d like to have the detail section of a card as a frame, where I can put all Miro elements: images, sticky notes, arrows. Not just text. Text is so limiting, that’s why we all love Miro!