Accurate Sizing & Dimensions

  • 12 June 2020
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As a designer, It frustrates me that I can’t create elements and shapes that are to the exact size and ratio that I want :expressionless: . More precision with this will help me create more accurately represented wireframes within Miro and help me when creating custom boards. It just seems like a simple feature that has been overlooked.


If it’s been done on purpose, then it’d be interesting to hear the rationale :grin:

8 replies

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I had to make a file on my computer of a 8.5x11 and 11x17 size, so I could bring them into Miro and make frames that size! Annoying to have to use this hack, especially when I know I’ll be exporting the frame to PDF later. 

Yes this is sorely lacking and my mind is boggled why we can’t do this. I was trying to resize a frame then I realised I cannot enter exact dimensions anywhere. 

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I have seen recently that in the Frames tool, one of the default sizes is now 8.5x11, and you can turn it from portrait to landscape easily. I think this is a step in the right direction!

I also think that what we are asking for is dimensions, and not necessarily sizing. Since the Miro canvas is infinite, I think that sizing is all just relative. That being said, I would like a wider control of type sizes and connection line/border thicknesses, to account for this!

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I vote for a 11x17 preset frame size as well!

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I’d like the ability to define a custom ratio. 

Not drag out a frame but add to my gallery of frames and rectangles. 

6:7, 2.4:1 just as examples off the top of my had.

I actually need precise rectangles for a specific project. I am going to have to draw them in another app and import the image - that’s just a touch tedious.

Why can’t I just enter the ratio I want?


I used this to help me out when my professor gave me pixel dimension. Some of them do fall in line with the presets:

I Agree to all of the comments made to Sizing Stickies/Frames.

A simple  button  “keep all stickies the same size ! “ 

And a similar option for frames “keep frames all the same size !”

And of course Custom Options.

On each frame a small drop down with these options.


Just An Idea (you get the picture!)

ok, thanks for these words here. now I know I don’t have to search for size options anymore. 

but this is not good. maybe I use adobe XD instead then. i wanted to use miro for wireframing, there are also some templates. but without being able to adjust the width height of an element it is really not helpful.