Ability to write vertically in grids

  • 22 February 2021
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I’d love if it was possible to (manually) change the direction of the text in grids so that the text is written vertically in some rows, and other horizontally. See pics for explanation :) 

The grid I’m working on right now
How I’d like it to be


3 replies

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Hi @joshak 

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It is possible to rotate the text box!

Simply type the text, then click and drag over the rotation arrow, which will be on the bottom left corner.

Here’s how it looks in Miro once rotated (rotation arrow now under the format settings):

Rotated text box

Here is the video tutorial you can follow rotating the text.

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@joshak -

To clarify @Soumyadeep Mandal’s feedback, this is if you create a separate text box, rotate it, and then move it into a grid cell. As far as I can tell, there’s no way currently to rotate “native” grid cell text.



Hi! Thanks for the replies. I’m aware that you can rotate text boxes @Soumyadeep Mandal – but as @Kiron Bondale points out this is really not what I seek. its a good hack, but it would still be great to have the possibility to actually rotate the text in the cell without putting a box in the cell ☺️ cheers