Ability to reassign mind map child node by typing in to search for new parent node

  • 30 August 2021
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I have a substantially growing Mind Map as I found it was the best way to get my web of thoughts down on what all we’ll need to do related to planning & executing a new user/customer research practice within the business as creating these multiple layers (children) of nodes is really quick and I can also use the vertical visual order as basically the order in which things will need to happen (which I can re-order at any time via drag-and-drop). 

However, there are times where, like just now, I want to completely reassign 3 levels/layers of child nodes into another parent node on the opposite side of the map, but because my mind map is so large, the only way I can reassign it is by zooming soooo far out that I can barely click on the node and then try to drag it to a tiny target area of another parent node. 

Therefore, what I’d like is the ability to select a node and then select a “Re-assign parent” option in the … context menu where I could type in the text found in the desired parent node to quickly find it, then click Confirm and have it automatically reassign the child node & grandchildren+ nodes to that new parent without all of the struggle of visual drag-and-drop reassigning from two drastically different areas of a mind map

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