Ability to merge grid cells

  • 8 October 2020
  • 11 replies

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It would be great to have the ability to merge cells on a grid so we can design different types of tables.

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11 replies

I think to merge cells is a must have feature

Also waiting for this feature!

Same here!


Same here! Would be a great feature!


Still eagerly waiting for this

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The merge feature would be a big added value! Hopefully it will be there soon :) 


same here! please do :’)

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Can we make this a thing please?!!


Hi there, Is this feature getting build?:thinking: . Thank you!!


please give us this feature <3

Hi @Lillie McEnteer @Wiebke @thatVargas @voroperez @Matt_opteran @Landis Archer @Myrthe Montijn @Michail Egorov @VIRGINIA TOFFETTI @Benz Merchan @Simon Messmer and everyone who upvoted this idea,

Good news! The functionality to merge cells is now available in grids :tada:

Learn more in the post Grids are now tables – and you can finally merge cells, and leave your feedback there :blush: