Theory of Change template

  • 26 July 2022
  • 3 replies

I need to work with my team to formulate a theory of change and would love a template to facilitate that discussion.

3 replies

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@Claudia Russo - When I go to the Miroverse, I see a few exist:

If these aren’t quite what you are looking for, you could always create your own.

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Hi @Claudia Russo, it’s a really good timing !

I have proposed yesterday a Theory of Change Framework for the Miroverse 😊, it’s in the review phase for now ! (🤓@Helena Brandist :))

But for now try to ask you and your team some key questions about the key audience you are working with (you can use the Empathy mapping for impact on the Miroverse, this is one template that we use prior to create the Theory of change framework. 

It will help you to find the right outcome you want to have for your specific audiences ! 

But if you need more information, I would be happy to help / guide you and your organization find the right template! 


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@Claudia Russo !!
Here’s my Theory of change Framework Template live in the Miroverse ! 😎

If you have any question :) I’m there!