🎥 Miro Talktrack (board recordings) is live for all users! Share your questions and feedback here 🎉

  • 14 September 2023
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🎥 Miro Talktrack (board recordings) is live for all users! Share your questions and feedback here 🎉
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🌟 Hold on to your hats because the wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce that Talktrack, previously in beta, is now available to ALL users! 🎉🤩



Talktrack introduces an exciting new way to enrich your Miro board experience by enabling audio/video walkthroughs.📹 The best part? The video is seamlessly embedded into the board, so your audience can follow your journey as if you were right there with them! 🎬✨ And guess what? They can interact with your board while watching! It’s a truly immersive experience that allows collaborators to explore around, leave sticky notes, open documents, and directly edit the board. 


Talktrack is your ticket to async collaboration mastery, take on its power for:

📚 Meeting pre-reads and recaps

💼 Weekly team updates

🎙️ Stand-in recordings for those unmissable meetings

🚀 Onboarding people like a pro

🎓 Pre-workshop/class instructions

💬 Gathering invaluable feedback

🗺️ Sharing your brilliant project plans and roadmaps


Don't just take our word for it – discover how Mironeers are already transforming their work with Talktrack! And if you want to learn more about Talktrack, head over to our page or visit the Help Center. 


Your feedback is important to us, so don't forget to share your thoughts below! ⬇️


5 replies

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@Sophia Chia - During the webinar, I shared a link to this LinkedIn post with a great tip about adding talking points to a Miro board that you will be creating a Talktrack on and then deleting them after the Talktrack recording. Because a Talktrack is not a video recording of a board, but rather a live Miro board were the user will be taken around the board following the same movements as the person who recorded it, the talking notes will no longer be present – suck a great trick!

However, I later realized something that all users should be aware of: The Watch on original board feature of Talktrack. 

While deleting any talking points used during the recording may not be a big deal, everyone should be aware that this includes any content that was present on the board at the time of the recording, but was later deleted – even if it was on a part of the board that you did not show in the recording – can later be viewed using the Watch on original board feature.

Example Scenario

You made a Talktrack recording and later realized someone’s personal phone number and address was on the board, but you never showed that part of the board while making your Talktrack, and you deleted the personal information before sending out the Talktrack link, the user would see this message when they start the Talktrack playback:


And if they use the Watch the original version of the feature, they can pan around the board to see anything that was present during the Talktrack recording.


@Sophia Chia - Please consider explicitly mentioning “deleted content” somewhere in the in the Talktrack Help Center article, e.g., maybe the Playback the original version of Talktrack section.

Right now it mentions “moved” or “changed”, but for some, “changed” and “deleted” could have very different meanings.


Thanks for considering this!😊

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Hey @Robert Johnson,

Thank you so much for your helpful suggestion! 

I definitely think this is something we can make clearer in our help materials as well. I will see to this being updated and clearly explained in the help center article.

Really appreciate the feedback! 🙏😊

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@Sophia Chia – I am already seeing the update – thank you!!!


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@Sophia Chia – I am already seeing the update – thank you!!!


Yay, @Robert Johnson! Thanks for always helping make Miro better! 

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