Meet Miro Lite – free to use, easy to share!

  • 17 November 2020
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Today, we’re excited to introduce a free simple online whiteboard you can use without signing up or signing in. 

Miro Lite is a simpler, lighter version of Miro available for free to all users without registration on desktop and tablet devices. Try using it with a stylus on touch devices as it supports palm rejection and Apple Scribble

To start using Miro Lite, open in the browser, and create a new board. You can share this link with your team, and they will be able to collaborate with you in real-time without signing in or signing up for Miro. 

Visit Help Center and watch the video to learn more, and let us know what you think about this latest update! 

19 replies

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Very cool! This will be a great way to “hook” folks on migrating to the full product!


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Great addition!


In a Chrome Incognito window, I go to:

I click “Create a board →

Am taken to:

I am defaulted to touchscreen navigation due to my laptop's touchscreen.

I change my navigation mode to Mouse and click Apply.

I am then taken 404 error page:

I refresh the browser using F5 and am taken back to the board.

Here it is in action:


Is there a way to save the Lite board for editing but share it Lite? I am thinking about it in terms of remote workshops. The facilitators need to have the full set to prepare and facilitate the conversation, but the Lite version toolset would be so much simpler for the participants, especially first timers.

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@Ran Kuang - UPDATE: If you are signed into a Miro account (free or paid), there is a Save to my boards button at the top of the board, so you can save the board to a team for later editing:


I did note that my account profile name does appear on my cursor for the non-signed in Lite users:


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@Lena Shenkarenko :

A very very good idea - Real great!


It would be really awesome if you could go to HTTP:// to create a new Miro board on the fly like you can do with google docs by going to HTTP:// for example.

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So in a quick glance comparing Miro Lite vs. sharing an External Edit link, these seem like the major elements omitted from Miro Lite:

  • Top right settings toolbar:
    • Sharing settings (“Share” just copies the URL to your clipboard) 
    • Board settings
    • Search
    • Notes
  • Bottom right navigation toolbar:
    • You don’t get the whole 5-step “Let’s Start” walkthrough that automatically pops up for new users in a normal shared board.  Instead, those instructions appear in the middle of the screen as board elements until they are deleted by someone.
  • Bottom left toolbar: (the whole toolbar is gone)
    • Frames panel
    • Presentation mode
    • Comments
    • Chat
    • Card panel
    • Activity log
    • Voting
    • Timer
  • Primary toolbar:
    • Comments
    • Frames
    • Manual upload for rich content (though you can still drop/paste in rich content)
    • All other integrations and apps (cards, emojis, grids, kanban, mindmap, stickies capture, tables and charts, etc.)
    • Template options are available but limited.
  • Dynamic toolbar:
    • Frames
    • Locking
    • Links to from elements (although you can still CTRL+K to link if you know the shortcut)
    • Export to CSV 

Note that the moment you save the board to your regular account (paid or free), all those features reappear for everyone on the board.

Seems great for popup sessions.  For training sessions or anything else that requires guiding people through pre-loaded content it seems tricky.  You could create it in a normal board elsewhere and then copy/paste into the lite board within your 24 hour window, but you would be missing frames and locking.

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One question for @Lena Shenkarenko : will PartnerStack links still work with Miro Lite?  

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@Kim Roth Howe - Great breakdown! And, duh - I totally missed the Save to my boards button at the top if you are a signed in user:


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It would be really awesome if you could go to HTTP:// to create a new Miro board on the fly like you can do with google docs by going to HTTP:// for example.

Try using and see what happens @Aaron Rothschild :wink:

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@Robert Johnson thanks for flagging – the team is looking into it!

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Templates chosen for lite are not ideal. Better to pick templates that are less persistent, e.g., like the flow chart you chose, v. persistent templates like a user story map or roadmap. Consider swapping persistent templates with ones less persistent, e.g., mind map, stickies packs, lightning decision jam, etc. Things that don’t last longer than 24 hours. 

Love this.
Would be great if you can just switch viewer/editor mode for all users.
I believe that would be a huge upgrade for training sessions.

I may be missing something, but when this came out I was able to open a Miro Lite board while signed into my account (  Now, I am redirected to and then to my enterprise account when trying to “start a whiteboard.”  Is there a step I am missing?

We would like to use this feature for some of our folks who don’t have full licenses and only need it for a one off meeting or session.  I can open it in incognito mode, but that seems like an unnecessary extra step.

@Lena Shenkarenko Has anything changed with Miro Lite? I tried it when it first was available and it worked great, but now the board links don’t seem to work correctly. 

If I go to, I get prompted to create a board and I am able to create one successfully. I can draw or put things on it even. The address bar still shows my URL as though. If I click Share, it says the address was copied to the clipboard. When I past the address, it is instead of the unique URL for the board. I can’t use the board with other people if I can’t get a unique URL for it. 

I tried then when logged in with a Miro account, when logged out, from different browsers, and on different devices with the same result. The only address it gives me is

I would love to be able to use Miro Lite, but I don’t know how to get past this issue. I would appreciate any help you can provide. 


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I’ve been using Miro Lite for brief client interactions recently but struggling with the lack of start view or direct links to objects to give a focal point for people joining the board. 

I’ve done some experimenting but haven’t been able to figure out the logic for where folks are dropped into the board on first entry.   

Anyone have any ideas?  

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@Kim Roth Howe - I just had a quick peek as I haven’t used Miro Lite and can’t find anyway to specify a start location or link to an object :thinking:

My only suggestion for having someone get to where you are is to instruct them to click on your avatar as soon as they are on the board, which will take them to where you are. Other than that, perhaps create a Project called “Miro Lite” and create your own “temporary” boards there.

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This is awesome….even though we have an enterprise license, we've been using Miro lite for some situations where some of the users do not have a license. I totally understand that Miro Lite is supposed to be a very simple, fast and easy version of Miro, but I'd love to see some extra features on it:

  • Frames
  • Lock objects
  • IconFinder and Emojis
  • Timer


Hi all, How many users can work on Miro Lite at the same time? We will facilitate a session with 120 people in Jordan (so Lite is ideal as it uses less bandwidth). Would that be possible from you experience?