Install Jira without admin configuration with OAuth 2.0

  • 10 February 2023
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Hey fam 👋,

OAuth 2.0 is here! And with it comes improved security and stricter compliance protocols, creating a stronger authentication between Miro and Jira. 

Note: OAuth 2.0 is only supported for Jira Cloud customers. Jira Server & Data Center customers will still need to use OAuth 1.0x.

What is OAuth 2.0: 

It is an industry standard protocol for authorization. To learn more about OAuth 2.0 as a technical concept, click here.

What it means for Miro users:

When authenticating the Jira integration with OAuth 2.0, users can import issues from multiple Jira instances into a board.

What Miro users need to do:

Existing Jira Integration user

New user

No action required. 

However, if you want to update your authentication method from OAuth 1.0x to OAuth 2.0 (specific to Jira Cloud customers), a Miro Admin will need to update the Jira integration settings following these instructions <<here>> 

Interested in installing and using the Jira integration?


All you need to do is install the Jira integration yourself from the Miro marketplace.


Give it a try!


For any other questions, leave us a comment below.


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