Easily involve teams in decision-making with our improved Voting

  • 14 October 2021
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Hi @Jennifer Yzelman ! 

One feature I miss in the voting functionality is the ability to choose which participants to include in the voting.

We are several agile teams in one agile-framework board. When we do sprint planning we split up in the different teams but we still work in the same board. I really would like to be able to start a voting session with only specific members who are in the board, as it will be a bit chaotic if different scrum masters start voting sessions and everyone in the board is invited every time. 


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Hi Armando,

Thanks for your message. With the new voting you can indeed only set up a voting session for a maximum of 99 minutes. After investigation we saw that the number of voting sessions for longer than 99 minutes were very small and therefore decided to first solve for ease and speed of voting sessions. 

I’ll pass on your feedback to our teams about the need for voting sessions longer than 99 minutes.




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Hi @Måns Klevar thanks for sharing your input. I’ll pass on this feedback to the team.


Have a great day,


I guess this really killed it for me :( After breaking my workshop with bugs in the old voting plugin (not all shapes visible, not everyone able to vote) and now this downgrade….

I LOVE MIRO, but now I have to go for MURAL I am afraid… also for the long awaited “private-mode” feature that is for some reason not being prioritized at Miro…

See you later!



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@Kim Roth Howe @Paradox Venture Partners and all who read this thread subsequently, please upvote my wish list suggestions to restore these abilities 

Save for later

Name session


And, Oh, by the way, this ability to ‘pre set voting’ was introduced as a feature a year ago as documented here.

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Hi everyone, thanks for all of your feedback! 

Please note that we’re working on processing all of your input and trying to come up with solutions.

Stay tuned on this as we’ll be posting some updates right before the holiday period! 



Hi @Jennifer Yzelman thanks for the quick update! Can you let us know how exactly this update is going to look like to estimate if it will still be possible for me to stick to Miro, as my next workshop will be in January.

Thanks a lot



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I’m also NOT liking that when I want to see the full results of a voting session, it scales out and shows the whole board (all frames).  With 120+ frames in some of my classes, and voting only in one frame, Oh my, there’s little hope of seeing what actually happened.

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Hi @Florian Feichtinger 

I’d like to better understand your issues with voting when you say “Not all shapes visible”, “Not everyone able to vote” - so I can see how we can best solve this (either with existing capabilities or the ones coming soon). I’ll be sending you a message. 



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Hey @Paradox Venture Partners, thanks for your feedback! I'd love to double click on some of your feedback, do you mind sending me an email at julia.r@miro.com so I can follow up with some questions?

Regarding being able to pull up previous results, this is available - all previous results should be available on the board you have done a voting session on. 

Hi @PaulSkarregaard 


Thank you for following up on this. 

Please note that although saving votes using the voting app standalone on the board isn’t possible, you can set up & save voting sessions by using Smart Meetings (see earlier messages above). 


I have recorded a Loom video showing you how to do that: 


Ok, thanks - I didn’t recognize that you wouldn’t make the feature in the build-in functionality.

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Thanks, @julia_rudge .  

The setup itself is reasonably easy.  For my regular uses, changing the number of votes directly, rather than through +/- increments as now built, was easier.  Also, my general default time is 1 minute for voting sessions in workshops.  On *rare* occasions, I have wished for the ability to set both minutes and seconds - but see no persistent or prominent need for the seconds increment.


The range selection of items for which to vote generally worked well before.  The individual selection now is a lot more precise AND COULD BE ONEROUS when there are a large number of items on which to vote.  This burden is amplified by the in ability to ‘save for later’ being removed.

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@Jennifer Yzelman - Feedback: Limiting saved voting sessions to Activities (formerly Smart Meetings) means:

  1. Starter Plan subscribers cannot save a voting session as Activities are not available on that plan.
  2. A number of extra steps, including: Creating a frame (when a frame may not be needed/wanted on the board), adding the frame to the Activity, (finally) creating the voting session for saving.