Automatic numeration and better rendering of frame names

  • 23 March 2021
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Frames are an essential feature that helps structure your content on Miro boards. Here are the two of the most recent enhancements:

  • Automatic numeration for frame names: if you call your first frame 'Frame name 1', we'll be automatically adding the next number to the name of the next frame you add to the board ('Frame name 2', 'Frame name 3', etc)

  • Better rendering of frame names when you're zoomed out of the board to increase perceivability of board content


6 replies

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Excellent @Marina ! The first is not important for me as I prefer renaming frames to something which explains their purpose so that the frames menu is useful but the second change is very helpful!


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These features will be useful for a lot of users!

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Can we please get frames in frames to organize our boards. I think this is ABSOLUTELY necessary for bigger projects. The value that Miro brings diminishes for me over time because organizing all the work within become untenable. This really de-values the work that has been done if people can organize, navigate, and understand the bigger picture. Please please please look at ways to help us organize our boards with frames within frames. 

What about automatic re-numeration of frames, based on their proximity to one another (top left to bottom right), since re-arranging them will always happen?

This way one doesn’t need to sort them manually in the Frames window...

I really want a way for Frames to shift / move automatically when you change the order in the layout, especially using the Frames sidebar. If I work on a presentation, I constantly move Frames around (like a slide), but then I have to manually move them all around on the canvas, fix all the spacing between the Frames, etc.

This current manual process is horribly frustrating. 

I’m a Miro user for 2+ years and love most other things.


I’d like the auto-arrange tool to leave vertical space for the frame names to exist between frames, not overlapping the frame above.