You don´t have permissions to view this board on my board

  • 15 October 2021
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I left my miro board to work in another program, when I opened it again I got a message saying that “You don´t have permissions to view this board. Hit the acces button to let the board owner know you want to get in” I chose request access and get an new message that "request has been sent, if the owner approves the request, you will receive an email notification” . But it is my board that I created 
while I was logged in and used for a week. Now everything is losed, or inaccessibele. 



2 replies

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@Sofi Aspegren - The general community will not be able to effectively troubleshoot what has happened. to your board.

I suggest that you open a Miro support ticket by using the link found in this help center article:


Thank you!